All our Bachelor programmes, deliver a Bachelor's degree from Gex Ecole de Management and an RNCP title in Operational Management, recognized by the French state.

Committed to excellence

GEX ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT (GEX-EM) was founded by SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY, Swiss private university group, created in 1984 in Geneva, offering a panel of training (continuing until the doctorate).

The goal of creating GEX-EM is to train young people and professionals from the region and around the world in an essential area of expertise today. This new professional image will promote a better visibility of the region internationally creating cultural and educational exchanges with students from other countries. This work was the result of a reflection of the highly experienced faculty of SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY.

Reading in the Park

"I did not fail,

I just found

10,000 ways

that will not work"

Thomas Edison

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