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International Geneva

Geneva and New York are the two cities that host the UN headquarters. UNOG Geneva is the first center of the world's busiest side diplomacy for over a hundred years. International Geneva, in the broadest sense of the world, is home to more than 200 international and non-governmental organizations that deal with various fields such as humanitarian, trade, human rights, the environment, training and education, education, peacekeeping, weather, intellectual property, nuclear research, work, health, telecommunications etc.

Geneva, a center of finance and business


Geneva is considered the world capital of commodity trade that attracts all companies in the sector (merchants, banks, brokers and insurance). In addition, Geneva is Switzerland's second-largest financial center after Zurich and one of the most important places in the world for private wealth management.

Geneva, the opportunity to boost your career

The students of UMEF, who graduates from higher education in Geneva is likely to find a job in local and international companies and in international organizations in Geneva. Indeed, the higher the qualification, the more likely you are to find a satisfactory job.

The cost of living in Geneva

Geneva ranks among the top three cities with the highest cost of living in the world. Several factors were taken into account in arriving at this conclusion: the appreciation of the Swiss franc, items such as clothing, rentals, transportation, entertainment, public services, private schools, etc. However, it has also been shown that wages in Switzerland are also the highest.

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