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GEX ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT offer MBA programmes with these specializations:



All programmes are two years full-time or alternating. The first year is taught on the basis of a common core while the second year allows to specialize and write a dissertation.



A professional MBA aimed at people in employment is also offered in evening classes and takes place over two years, including three semesters of courses followed by the writing of a thesis.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The programme extends over two years, the first year of 60 credits is a core curriculum for Master I and the second year of 60 credits is the year of specialization with subjects specific to the chosen field of study. For the Master's programme, a Bachelor's degree is required, and the professional achievements will be taken into account in the evaluation of the application. To obtain the title, the student must accumulate 120 ECTS credits (30 for the thesis) for the Master II and 60 ECTS for the Master I.


First year:

Common core courses


Second year:

Specialization course with writing and defence of thesis or internship






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